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J & J Paints and Quarter Horses
Enos and Jill Johnston Yoder
2525 Lease Drive
Dodgeville, WI 53533
(608) 341-8144 cell

(608) 924-3901 home
email: jjhorses@mhtc.net

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Blue Roan Horses for sale

J & J Paints and Quarter Horses specializing in Blue Roan horses for sale. We are located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin and stand at stud an AQHA blue roan stallion along with AQHA black, cremello, and buckskin stallions. We also stand APHA black homozygous tobiano stallions. We have a love for blue roan horses. Roan consists of single white hairs intermingled with the base color of a horse. Roaning gives the horse a lightened appearance, while the mane, tail, head and legs tend to remain darker, close to the original base color. It is a dominant gene and any individual with at least one copy of the roan gene trait will be roan. An implication of the gene's dominance is that at least one parent must be a roan in order to pass the gene on — it cannot appear in offspring of two non-roan parents, even if they have roan ancestors. Roan horses are born roan and will stay that way throughout life. A roan and a gray can be distinguished from one another because a gray is born dark, and lightens more each year, usually on the head first, while a roan is born with intermixed hairs, and the head stays darker than the body. There are red roans, bay roans and blue roans. We also even had a grullo roan born here at our farm from our grullo stallion and a palomino roan mare. While specializing in blue roan horses for sale we also have for sale some nice red roans and bay roans. Our favorites are the true blue roans with solid black heads, black legs...and lots of roan (white hairs) throughout the body. Some people get roans and gray mixed up. The gray horses have white hairs in their face and legs also but a true roan does not have a gray head. We always have a roan stallion at stud on our farm here at J & J Paints and Quarter Horses. We stand our stallion out to the public and also sell their offspring. We keep many of our blue roan foals and raise them up to train and sell. The blue roan horses have become a very popular color and the ranchers and cowboys seem to really like them. We are in South Central Wisconsin and sell our blue roan horses all over the county and states. We do have transportation available and will help you in every way if you are interested in seeing or purchasing a horse from us. We offer shipped semen on all our stallions for your convenience or you can bring your mares to get bred at our farm. Specializing in selling well broke trail and show horses of all colors. email us at jjhorses@mhtc.net or checkout our website for beautiful blue roan horses for sale. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website please let us know.