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San Peppy Scotch

San Peppy Scotch - AQHA 2006 Cremello Stallion
Stud Fee: $700 LCFG

We are standing at stud this beautiful Cremello Stallion "Peppy San Scotch". This stallion is proving to be a top quality stallion. His baby doll head, good conformation, quiet disposition and beautiful movement make him an asset to our breeding program here at J & J Paints and Quarter Horses. He is a big tall beautiful stallion that has the ability to produce western pleasure prospects, english/hunt seat prospects, halter prospects and even big enough to stop a steer and produce those roping prospects.


About Cremello Horses

The cremello color is the result of two cream genes on a red (chestnut/sorrel) horse. The one cream gene on a red horse produces a Palomino but two of them create the cremello color. If you cross two horses together and they each carry a creme gene and each thrown their creme gene the result is a cremello foal. A cremello horse has pink skin, blue eyes, cream to nearly white hair coat, and a white mane and tail. Cream horses, even those with blue eyes, are not white horses. Dilution coloring is also not related to any of the white spotting patterns. No health defects are associated with the cream gene. The off-white coat, pale blue eyes, and rosy pink skin distinguish the coats of double-dilutes (cremellos) from those of true white horses.

Perlinos are like cremellos but a Perlino colored horse consists of a Bay horse that recieved one copy of the creme gene from both of its parents, this horse will have pink skin, blue eyes, and a cream to white colored coat with a darker mane and tail (sometimes red tinted).

Not to confuse you all but there is also a Smokey Creme which consists of a Black horse that recieved one copy of the creme gene from both of its parents, having pink skin, blue eyes, and an orange or red cast colored hair coat.